Tate McRae - don't be sad (Lyrics)


Tate McRae - don't be sad (Lyrics)
Tate McRae - dont be sad 🎤
i’m sorry
i can’t seem to do anything right
to be honest, might delete this song tonight
did you even notice i was here?
if i left the party would you even care?
so i guess that i was never what you wanted
wasted all my money throwing pennies in a fountain
it’s not easy tryna tell you how i feel
when all you ever say is
don’t be sad, the sun is shining
just be happy, why you whining?
waiting room is getting crowded
you’re not special, you’re not special
don’t be sad, the sun is shining
just be happy, why you whining?
waiting room is getting crowded
you’re not special, you’re not special
i’m sorry
sorry that you just don’t understand
you always tell me that it’s only in my head
then why’s the internet feel like my only friend ?
the only one that knows that this isn’t pretend
everyone’s in therapy
wouldn’t go if you were there for me
never should have told you how i felt
‘cause all you ever say is
don’t be sad, the sun is shining
just be happy, why you whining?
waiting room is getting crowded
you’re not special, you’re not special
don’t be sad, the sun is shining
just be happy, why you whining?
waiting room is getting crowded
you’re not special, you’re not special
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    Hello Miss Ava Max, Do you want to see how a nine-year-old child performed your song so well with dance? It's perfect! id-get.info/channel/video/mKeEi3utZ6OfgdE

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    This is the first time Ive heard of Tate... This song honestly fits my mood right now

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    she be saying she cant do anything but bru she be doing something right making dis song

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    I relate a lot to Tate her songs are amazing

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    “your not ✨special✨” really hit different 🥺 it’s sad how much I can relate to Tate’s songs

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    "You're not special" That hits hard-

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    *Why's the internet feel like my only friend?*

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    Tate: Don't be sad, you're not special! Im like: i want to be sad,you are special*hug*!

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    "Don't be sad." "The sun is shining." "Just be happy." "Why you whining?" are all words we've heard before, but one word we lack, is love.❤️

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    Tate: don't be sad Dixie: sometimes I don't wanna be happy

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    I love this song, it just reminds me of a toxic online friend I had me and her were inseparable until she got a huge crush on me and forgot how I felt and never checked up on me didn't ask how I felt about what she was saying to me and this song makes me feel bad bc I snapped at her and broke her down mentally I feel like this song would really match her mental health but I still love the song even though it bothers me sometimes ☹️

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    So relatable, so relatable...

  • • Itz_Moonlight •
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    Hasley: You should be sad Tate: Don't be sad By the way, love the song!❤

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    Everyone says YT on drugs, but isn't it actually the people using it tho?

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    When my cousin is being rude to me like this I feel like she is saying these direct words to me....

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    tate: dont be sad, the sun is shining, just be happy Dixie: sometimes i dont wanna be happy

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    Hello, I'm Evelyn and I'm 17. I know it may seem like a dark place right now, but it gets better. Sometimes, it's better to have no friends rather than ones that are fake and will stab you in the back. Also, I know that a boyfriend seems like a big priority at your age, I've been there, but all I can say is boys are really not all that. They're so overrated. Take a step back and focus on the important things right now, because if you don't, it will bite you back. Just hang in there.

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