Nico Santos - Easy (Lyrics)


Nico Santos - Easy (Lyrics)
Nico Santos - Easy 🎤
I don't wanna waste another night
Flipping over every single lie
Going from I love you to goodbye
Mercy, show a little mercy, yeah
Can’t believe that I was so naive
All the little tricks you played on me
Should've known the beauty is the beast
Hurt me, why you wanna hurt me, yeah?
You told me forever
But it turned into a never
Like a promise doesn’t matter
When you’re changing like the weather
Do you really think you’ll ever
Find someone to love you better
Was it easy to let me down?
Was it easy when you walked out?
Tell me, was it somebody, somebody new
That made you wanna leave me?
Was it easy to let me down?
Why the hell did you shut me out?
Tell me, was it somebody, somebody new
Don’t tell me it was easy
So easy to let me down, let me down, let me down
Let me down, let me down easy
Let me down, let me down, let me down
Don’t tell me it was easy
You know how I love you in that dress
You’re just making sure I won’t forget
Everything we used to do in bed
Mercy, show a little mercy, yeah
Kinda makes me wanna cross a line
How you're making sure you cross my mind
Can’t do nothing now but wonder
Why you wanna hurt me
Why you wanna hurt me, yeah
You told me forever
But it turned into a never
Like a promise doesn’t matter
When you’re changing like the weather
Do you really think you’ll ever
Find someone to love you better
Was it easy to let me down?
Was it easy when you walked out?
Tell me, was it somebody, somebody new
That made you wanna leave me?
Was it easy to let me down?
Why the hell did you shut me out?
Tell me, was it somebody, somebody new
Don’t tell me it was easy
So easy to let me down, let me down, let me down
Let me down, let me down easy
Let me down, let me down, let me down
Don’t tell me it was easy
You left an echo
On the day you walked out on me
In your stilettos
Why’d you ever say you want me?
So hard to let go
But you make it look so fucking easy
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