FLETCHER - Feel (Lyrics)


FLETCHER - Feel (Lyrics)
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[Verse 1]
I remember that time when you took my hand
Looked into my eye said, "I gotβ€…you,β€…darling"
Shivers up myβ€…spine and down my back
Somersaults insideβ€…my stomach
You let the sparks fly high into the night
And I tried to hold them
I'm reeling in the ash and smoke
'Cause you came and broke my heart wide open
So I'll drink this wine like it's medicine for the mind
Onto my tongue, oh, 'cause I still taste your love
All in my bones, head to my toes
Doing time, tryna' heal
Do anything, so I don't feel you
[Verse 2]
I used to hate the cigarette taste
But when I'm all in, I can't help but want it
I hit and miss you on my lips
So I numb your kiss with a gin and tonic
So I'll drink this wine like it's medicine for the mind
Onto my tongue, oh, 'cause I still taste your love
All in my bones, head to my toes
Doing time, tryna' heal
Do anything, so I don't feel you
Now I'm lying here awake
Just staring at the ceiling fan
Spinning 'round in circles
All over again
So I'll drink this wine like it's medicine for the mind
Onto my tongue, oh, 'cause I still taste your love
All in my bones, head to my toes
Doing time, tryna' heal
Do anything, so I don't feel you
Feel you
Feel you
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