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Ellise - 911 🎤
9-1-1 what's your emergency?
(heavy breathing)
[Verse 1]
Don’t think I can take it
With every drama, a piece of me dies
Like some kind of sadist
I think that he likes to see the pain in my eyes
He knows that I'm lovesick
He kissed me and promised I will be alright
We both know it's bullshit
The longer I’m with him the less I'm alive
[Pre-Chorus 1]
Doctors on the other line cause he's not coming home tonight
And I just took my very last pill
Need something to numb the pain
Demons knocking on my brain
I think they coming in for the kill
Nine one one, I need someone
My baby plays me like a game
I'm not having fun
Nine one one, tell him he's
Why my heart is always aching
And I gotta be done cause
I, I, I gotta lose my guy
Or I'm, I'm, I'm gonna lose my mind
[Verse 2]
You must think that I’m crazy
Well he does too so I guess that makes three
Need someone to save me
I’d really appreciate if you'd intervene
[Pre-Chorus 2]
Doctors on the other line cause he’s not coming home tonight
Can't seem to find my bottle of pills
Swear to God I'm not insane
The voices only say his name
When I'm starting to think that they’re real
Nine one one, I need someone (need someone)
My baby plays me like a game
I'm not having fun (not having fun)
Nine one one, tell him he's
Why my heart is always aching
And I gotta be done cause (gotta be, gotta be done)
I, I, I gotta lose my guy
Or I'm, I'm, I'm gonna lose my mind
Nine one one, I need someone (need someone)
My baby plays me like a game
I'm not having fun (not having fun)
Nine one one, tell him he's
Why my heart is always aching
And I gotta be done cause (gotta be, gotta be done)
I, I, I gotta lose my guy
Or I'm, I'm, I'm gonna lose my mind
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