Ava Max - Kings & Queens (Lyrics)


Ava Max - Kings & Queens (Lyrics)
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Ava Max - Kings & Queens 🎤
If all of the kings had their queens on the throne
We would pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you're not dancing on your own
[Verse 1]
Can't live without me, you wanna, but you can't, nah-nah-nah
Think it's funny, but honey, can't run this show on your own
I can feel my body shake, there's only so much I can take
I'll show you how a real queen behaves
Oh, no damsel in distress, don't need to save me
Once I start breathing fire, you can't tame me
And you might think I'm weak without a sword
But if I had one, it'd be bigger than yours
If all of the kings had their queens on the throne
We would pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you're not dancing on your own
[Verse 2]
Disobey me, then baby, it's off with your head
Gonna change it and make it a world you won't forget
Oh, no damsel in distress, don't need to save me
Once I start breathing fire, you can't tame me
And you might think I'm weak without a sword
But I'm stronger than I ever was before
If all of the kings had their queens on the throne
We would pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you're not dancing on your own
In chess, the king can move one space at a time
But queens are free to go wherever they like
You get too close, you'll get a royalty high
So breathe it in to feel the life
If all of the kings had their queens on the throne
We would pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby, you're not dancing on your own
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
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    *Any Ava Max fans here?* 🙋

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    kill count

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    Eric Hierl6 hari yang lalu

    This sounds just like “you give love a bad name” by Bon Jovi

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    Kai Chen7 hari yang lalu

    what story is the song trying to tell, can some one explain

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    This is illegal

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    try the song at play speed 2..

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    I thought it was lady Gaga but it's Ava Max 😂

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    First 4 seconds in- *Ight this is my new favorite song-*

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    lol what about the kings who fighting alone?

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    After this song I have motivation to continue my homework

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    I wish all of the people commenting seen my videos

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    Love this song😘

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    I heard this song on TikTok and I really like it

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    The fact that they didn't use a picture of Ava is just rude.

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    This songs beat but the lyrics dope and chorus would make me cry😭👌❤️

  • Sephielle
    Sephielle19 hari yang lalu

    She has an amazing voice

  • Orphanlast
    Orphanlast19 hari yang lalu

    This isn't about being on a throne with the King. It's about dethroning anyone but the queen, off with his head. He needs to be loyal, but she can do whatever she likes... Not about equality.

  • Orphanlast


    14 hari yang lalu

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  • Broadway Bibliophile
    Broadway Bibliophile19 hari yang lalu

    "Off with your head" "You may think I'm weak but [...] I'm strong" "To all of the queens who are fighting alone" Is this about Queen Elizabeth the first?

  • Egucci 7
    Egucci 720 hari yang lalu

    This shit go dummmmy

  • Dillon Singh
    Dillon Singh21 hari yang lalu

    I love her message " to all the queens , kings rule the world" men rock

  • Dillon Singh
    Dillon Singh21 hari yang lalu

    Im a bad guy I hear abba and I click

  • Josh Green
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  • Jessie Crespo
    Jessie Crespo25 hari yang lalu

    i love this song is show that we dont need a men thT we can fight alone but together we are stronger

  • Riley Culligan
    Riley Culligan25 hari yang lalu

    Love this song this is my song for my solo dance this year!

  • Itz_Cute Wolfy
    Itz_Cute Wolfy27 hari yang lalu

    Why tthe song little bit like "Fashion meme" ;-;

  • Nichole Acton
    Nichole Acton29 hari yang lalu

    The chorus has big 80's energy and i love it

  • Bolt the super dog
    Bolt the super dogBulan Yang lalu

    My theme song

  • Ginny Mobley
    Ginny MobleyBulan Yang lalu

    Amen..you're not alone Queens. ..we got men's responsibility raised 'em and out..by my own damn self..and that's just fine!

  • Hannah Eslinger
    Hannah EslingerBulan Yang lalu

    I have been feeling small and not important in this crazy and hectic world...This song is such a important song to me...It has made feel confident again❤

  • William8
    William8Bulan Yang lalu

    I swear this sound like Asgore's theme from undertale. and you can't tell me otherwise.

  • whotheteagirl
    whotheteagirlBulan Yang lalu

    why didn't I see this song before?

  • Lancaster Duplechin
    Lancaster DuplechinBulan Yang lalu

    What right does this song have to be this goddamn catchy? I heard it a few days ago and now I’ve just been setting it to repeat every time I go on ID-get.

  • Camyoo García
    Camyoo GarcíaBulan Yang lalu

    A sample of bon Jovi's You give love a bad name... Bruh Don't touch to good musics please.. don't deshonor them

  • Camryn Cress
    Camryn CressBulan Yang lalu

    I lllllooooooovvvvvveeeee this song!!!!!!!!

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    My 7-year-old cousin is like "pop champagne and raise a toast"

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    Im a dude and this songs still slaps

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    “To all of the queens who are fighting alone” Rest in power Ruth Bader Ginsburg 💔

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    This song is a bit entitled

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    Anyone listening to the song while scrolling threw the comments? No just me ok

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    The chorus is absolutely brilliant.

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    Yo tambien

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    I'm still a princess lol xD I'm not 20 or 16 I'm ???

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    wow great song its kickass!!!!!!

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    kanchan dubeyBulan Yang lalu

    The only drawback of this song is that: IT ENDS!!!!

  • Walter M
    Walter MBulan Yang lalu

    discord.gg/DYZHhr unanse al discord

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    Hung Dinh DucBulan Yang lalu

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    Alan McElhinneyBulan Yang lalu

    The vocals are so strong\beautiful and my Queen side is thriving 😫👌

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    Lol it sounded like Bon Jovi's song.

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    Sofi BelosoBulan Yang lalu

    just love it from hear it all the time in the US open

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    Shot through the heart and you're to blame....

  • kraFty ClOsEt
    kraFty ClOsEtBulan Yang lalu

    I will do what queens do, I will rule....

  • Lewis Brock
    Lewis BrockBulan Yang lalu

    Reminds me of shout to the heart, and you're too late..

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    jlind453Bulan Yang lalu

    She sounds like Rihanna

  • Alex Abbott
    Alex AbbottBulan Yang lalu

    The US Open using this as a theme song got me addicted...

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    In Portugal 5 seconds of this song were on the Radio and I quickly stop in a green traffic light to write down the name of the song to search it later! 😂 Was worth it

  • Julie M. Opis
    Julie M. OpisBulan Yang lalu

    What Apps did you use?

    LAOURA DANGAIBulan Yang lalu


  • Blake Bush
    Blake BushBulan Yang lalu

    This is awful. All the people who think this is actually good are stupid.

  • Yellow


    Bulan Yang lalu

    @Blake Bush fair

  • Blake Bush

    Blake Bush

    Bulan Yang lalu

    Yellow the song in general really just sounds like a generic lazy version of pop music that they are pumping out today. It sounds like it stands for gender equality but I barely get that because the lyrics are trash

  • Yellow


    Bulan Yang lalu

    Are you talking about the song or the meaning?

  • Daphne Clarkson
    Daphne ClarksonBulan Yang lalu

    I didn’t even have to listen to the whole song to fall in love with it, the intro- is..^*Fantastic!*^

  • Emma Evans
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    I love this song

  • M Plays
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    Kings:short hair Queens:long Ava:kings and Queens and kings

  • Harith Leonin
    Harith LeoninBulan Yang lalu

    If all of the Kings had their Queens on the throne We would pop champagne and raisa a toast To all of the Queens who are fighting alone That I don't need you in my life again Would you be my bad boy be my man Be my weekend lover But don't be my friend You can be my bad boy But understand That I don't need you again No I don't need you again

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    Who is the girl in the pic?

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  • Ottoman sultan
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    That intro reminds me to cascada 😭😭😭.

  • Coutscythe
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    What did I hear, something about making me a sandwitch

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  • Louisa Simpson
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    I clicked on this by accident 😓 WHAT A GREAT ACCIDENT I DID! 😄

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    I love the song and how do you choose the best song?!?!

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    absolute BANGER

  • Harley Kleinsmith
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  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki KaminariBulan Yang lalu

    i’m a queen who’s fighting with a queen :)

  • Katerina Gavra
    Katerina GavraBulan Yang lalu

    Perfect song!!!! Awesome 😊 lyrics

  • Mrsjow
    MrsjowBulan Yang lalu

    It sounds exactly like Cascada' Bad Boy !!!

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  • Alexa Moonlight
    Alexa MoonlightBulan Yang lalu

    Just go credit ,,You give love a bad name” by Bon Jovi...

  • Om Mm
    Om MmBulan Yang lalu

    Love it

  • Starixy
    Starixy2 bulan yang lalu

    Why is this an Ava max song but it doesn’t have Ava Max’s picture no one gonna talk about that?

  • Spitfire is My Captain
    Spitfire is My Captain2 bulan yang lalu

    No damsel in distress no need to save me. That's it! That's the tea.

  • Danny Danko
    Danny Danko2 bulan yang lalu

    She's very pretty in real life, but this photo is massively misrepresentational of what she looks like.

  • Yellow


    Bulan Yang lalu

    I'm pretty sure that's not her in the pic...

  • Olivia Hare
    Olivia Hare2 bulan yang lalu

    This song is my mantra when stuff gets tough

  • A93K
    A93K2 bulan yang lalu

    Lyrics so cringy smh

  • thanos 8anos
    thanos 8anos2 bulan yang lalu

    the new world woman has a distorted perception permanently

  • isabelle lescombes
    isabelle lescombes2 bulan yang lalu

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    isabelle lescombes ty! This is unrated 💕💗💖