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Zoe Wees - Ghost (Lyrics)

Zoe Wees - Ghost (Lyrics)

Mary Jo - Carpet (Lyrics)

Mary Jo - Carpet (Lyrics)

SZNS - Behave (Lyrics)

SZNS - Behave (Lyrics)

Ruben - Dear God (Lyrics)

Ruben - Dear God (Lyrics)


  • 생각중
    생각중13 jam yang lalu

    자존감쏭 2nd 1st는 suc아니 써큐레이터인가봄

  • Hindi Remix Old
    Hindi Remix Old13 jam yang lalu

    People who are watching this comments, I wish their parents still Alive for more than 100 years 🙏 God bless u and u r family 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Maxwell Mondragon
    Maxwell Mondragon13 jam yang lalu

    My friends and I are going to a karaoke room later, gotta sing this song in front of them😆

  • Lavender Sage
    Lavender Sage13 jam yang lalu

    This is what my oc listens to when they fall for tom riddle lmao

  • ???
    ???13 jam yang lalu

    The exact song for me right now~ Hope that I’m not the only one who's finding a sad song to make myself even unhappier~

  • heresy_ unfolding
    heresy_ unfolding13 jam yang lalu

    _Your scars remind you your battles. Ugly, but hey, no one would be ashamed to show their triumph._

  • Hana Montana
    Hana Montana13 jam yang lalu

    honey..bubble gum love😂😂

  • hosneara ferdowsi
    hosneara ferdowsi14 jam yang lalu

    I really love this song ❤️❤️

  • Tristan Joyce
    Tristan Joyce14 jam yang lalu


  • Asenla Tsuktilemba
    Asenla Tsuktilemba14 jam yang lalu

    My small brother's friend sing this song in the class.Thats how we knew this song. What a nice song👍

  • Kylie B.
    Kylie B.14 jam yang lalu

    hello, i started a google classroom for depression support and i’m looking for more members to do it. me and my friend faith do this together and we know not everyone has that person to talk to, so me and faith want to be those people for you. we accept all people and apologize for the self promo❤️. the classroom code is qkw6voe

  • Charlene Lalhminghlui
    Charlene Lalhminghlui14 jam yang lalu

    Try to numb this pain, cause we don't wanna get hurt again

    KOOKIE IS MY FAV COOKIE14 jam yang lalu

    Who's here from ginny and Georgia?😌

  • Maya Mariana Weka
    Maya Mariana Weka14 jam yang lalu

    My favorite song ❤️

  • S Bona J
    S Bona J15 jam yang lalu

    Like kalo ada org indonesia yang masih dengar lagu ini dibulan mey 2021

  • Cassie Costillas
    Cassie Costillas15 jam yang lalu

    I relate every song of sasha

  • Maya Mariana Weka
    Maya Mariana Weka15 jam yang lalu

    Is hard for us, for girls like US 🥺 Related

  • a s p e nツ
    a s p e nツ15 jam yang lalu

    Hey!! Jesus loves you ❤️❤️❤️ He died on a cross for you!! God cares about you alot!! He will never leave you nor forsake you<3 turn to Him!! Accept Him as your Lord and saviour before It's too late 💛 Repent!!! He is waiting for you.....

  • jimin mochi lajimolala
    jimin mochi lajimolala16 jam yang lalu

    Her every songs describes our life 🥺🥺

  • alnica nacarra
    alnica nacarra16 jam yang lalu

    This song sad song and back memories my friends😥 👇like this who love this song and cry😭

  • ???
    ???13 jam yang lalu


  • Dung_;-; Kim
    Dung_;-; Kim16 jam yang lalu


  • unicorn unicorn
    unicorn unicorn16 jam yang lalu


  • amkm astridak play
    amkm astridak play17 jam yang lalu

    this reminds me about my friend but i cant see him because my computer broke

  • кАмИлЛа СтЭфАн
    кАмИлЛа СтЭфАн17 jam yang lalu

    It's been three years, and I'm still listening to her.

  • growing_up
    growing_up17 jam yang lalu

    no one: brynn elliott : tell me i'm pretty faouzia : don't tell me i'm pretty jessia : i'm not pretty 🙂🙂🙂

  • AedenMicayla Almendral
    AedenMicayla Almendral17 jam yang lalu

    Anna: im inlove with someone who dosent know i exist Me:true my girl ✊

  • iam Erika
    iam Erika17 jam yang lalu

    Idk why I love this song so much it's like making me feel like why would I cry for a boy or even love a boy like why in the end of the story it's going to be heart broken 💔😭 but you well always meet someone that could make your heart from 💔 to ❤️ the end is always happy if it's not a happy end then it's not the end

  • Gacha UwU Cat
    Gacha UwU Cat17 jam yang lalu

    "I'm in love with someone, who doesn't know I exist" Me here that simps for CreepyPastas: *"I'm in love with a fictional murderer-*

  • kloey Newman
    kloey Newman17 jam yang lalu

    You got me thinking of me ex I don't know why I broke up with him that was 4 years ago and he was perfect I was just young and blind😪

  • Thu anh Ngo
    Thu anh Ngo18 jam yang lalu

    We live we love we lie

  • Raj kumar Singh
    Raj kumar Singh18 jam yang lalu


  • kate
    kate19 jam yang lalu

    I thought we said, we're good Was I misunderstood? You lookin' at me so cold After all that we've been through How could you pretend I'm someone that you don't know? I'm so sick of planning all my nights, nights 'Round avoiding you, it's gotta end We don't have to love again or try, try But can you tell me Ooh, why do we, do we have to be Enemies, enemies? Forget all the scars All that they are Memories, memories Oh-oh, I know it hurts, 'cause I feel it too But after all, all that we been through, yeah Ooh, why do we, do we have to be Enemies, enemies? You see me walking towards You're headed for the door Why is your shoulder so cold? I know it's hard to speak With all our history But that don't mean you should go I'm so sick of planning all my nights, nights 'Round avoiding you, it's gotta end We don't have to love again or try, try But can you tell me Ooh, why do we, do we have to be Enemies, enemies? Forget all the scars All that they are Memories, memories Oh-oh, I know it hurts, 'cause I feel it too But after all, all that we've been through, yeah Ooh, why do we, do we have to be Enemies, enemies? Oh, tell me why did, why did we Throw away the love we had? And tell me why do, why do we Love to make it hurt so bad? Yeah, I know that we can't be friends But after all the things we been Ooh, why do we, do we have to be Enemies? Oh Oh-oh Ooh, why do we, do we have to be Enemies, enemies? Forget all the scars All that they are Memories, memories Oh-oh, I know it hurts, 'cause I feel it too But after all, all that we been through, yeah Ooh, why do we, do we have to be Enemies, enemies?

  • Shadz Stephenson
    Shadz Stephenson19 jam yang lalu


  • Oana
    Oana19 jam yang lalu fallen...don't you want the real thing..? having heaven and real love...more than a human can give...? leave behind your desires and if you still want to sacrifice ...look up to the Lord....He is the only that really loves you...He is the grace.

  • winning013
    winning01320 jam yang lalu

    "Move to the nicer part of town where we'd have numbers on our house" me: I ALREADY HAVE A NUMBER ON MY HOUSEEEEEEEE

  • DIA Debuted in 2015
    DIA Debuted in 201520 jam yang lalu


  • Owen Black
    Owen Black20 jam yang lalu

    Imagine Quinn Fabray sing this song....

  • Mior'e Dior
    Mior'e Dior20 jam yang lalu

    right gacha gang

  • Sugrib Tamang
    Sugrib Tamang21 jam yang lalu


  • Flaring Pk
    Flaring Pk21 jam yang lalu

    who else decided to sing this song in imvi or any other game with free chat or whatever

  • Johnney Sutphin
    Johnney Sutphin21 jam yang lalu

    Yooo soo lit

  • Vic Perez
    Vic Perez21 jam yang lalu

    I. MI. FRUM Tik tok

  • JewelBelle Love!!
    JewelBelle Love!!21 jam yang lalu


    AKAGAMI SHANKS22 jam yang lalu

    يله ابلع علاء طلعتها وماهجمت

  • Jurca Stefan
    Jurca Stefan23 jam yang lalu

    I LOVE This Îs like a Reflection on You dont need Friends for be somethings 🐺🐺😜

  • ariii
    ariii23 jam yang lalu

    pls this song reminds me of larry

  • Samantha Santos
    Samantha Santos23 jam yang lalu


  • Aimee Okupa
    Aimee Okupa23 jam yang lalu

    Mutual feelings I feel depressed now bc the lyrics really.speak to me My boyfriend.....😭😭

  • Rashidul Shaikh
    Rashidul ShaikhHari Yang lalu

    Imagine if all of us became freinds just a group of loners tired of fake 😂

  • Wanna be like your idols? Then stan BLACKPINK
    Wanna be like your idols? Then stan BLACKPINKHari Yang lalu

    I donkt why, but this song describes me somehow-

  • its aleena
    its aleenaHari Yang lalu


  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy BunnyHari Yang lalu

    Keefe Sencen from Kotlc anyone? just me? ok

  • your local clown
    your local clownHari Yang lalu

    Not me and most of stays coming cuz of lino

  • Jamica Jay
    Jamica JayHari Yang lalu

    Luv this song to pieces but tbh.. like the other version better 💔

  • Sav Irv
    Sav IrvHari Yang lalu

    I'm in love with 7 boys who doesn't know I exist They purple me but don't know I exist😔

  • Fesdore
    FesdoreHari Yang lalu

    I'm just here crying to a song while the video has a woman cosplaying a lamp in the background

  • Dazai Osamu
    Dazai OsamuHari Yang lalu

    Кто пришел сюда потому что вспомнил припев этой песни?

  • Peace Odumeru
    Peace OdumeruHari Yang lalu

    I have been playing this song like 24/7 it’s addicting

  • Kay T
    Kay THari Yang lalu

    I love this song

  • Mia Williams
    Mia WilliamsHari Yang lalu

    Who is watching in 2021

  • Krish Jagadish
    Krish JagadishHari Yang lalu

    I love this song!!!!

  • Bre LP
    Bre LPHari Yang lalu

    Man, I wanna send this to her so bad but I feel like I'd instantly regret it even though it describes exactly how I'm feeling...

  • Karadeniz Kızı
    Karadeniz KızıHari Yang lalu

    BABY I AM CORN Oh i wanna pop ,wanna walk out the pan Oh no,right now baby i am corn I can't enough,can't take anymore Right now baby i am corn You dry my skin,you make me food You show me oil,you give me salt İ can't get enough,i can't take anymore Right now baby i am corn

  • Hannah
    HannahHari Yang lalu

    i was assulted by a friend just now 3 years later im trying to cope because i have been trying to hide it inside

  • Lidia Melaku
    Lidia MelakuHari Yang lalu

    “The touch that he planted the garden he left”

  • quarantine got us bored
    quarantine got us boredHari Yang lalu

    Everyone in the comments section are like does anyone relate and it does relate to many people including me cause we all hate when people say that school is easy or other things are easy not everything is easy in life and we also all get tired of hearing shit from other people and it's not like we are trying to be rude to them or anything it's just that many people always judge us in this world that is why we just put on our headphones in to block out all the stupid shit people say like " your not trying " or its " your fault " like even though we try were are not gonna be like how y'all want us to be and we can't change anything and if people don't respect us why should we respect them? Ps : no hate just saying in my opinion

  • Namugalu Iryn
    Namugalu IrynHari Yang lalu

    You know all I've ever wanted is a friend. And I remember I have none

  • LudiGamer RBX
    LudiGamer RBXHari Yang lalu

    i don,t frend gg

  • Moontasy
    MoontasyHari Yang lalu

    Me listening to this while I pierce myself 💀

  • Georgia Ross
    Georgia RossHari Yang lalu

    "I have No Friends but I'll be fine, I don't need them to pass the time" In all my years of living I never hang out with my old friends after school.

  • Jacob Brough
    Jacob BroughHari Yang lalu


  • Davi Santos Figueiredo
    Davi Santos FigueiredoHari Yang lalu

    Boa música 👍

  • Addison
    AddisonHari Yang lalu

    But really what are lobatins

    DEIMONKINGHari Yang lalu


  • dominica schmidt
    dominica schmidtHari Yang lalu


  • lonly bitch
    lonly bitchHari Yang lalu

    Umm guys if your friends call you fat does that mene there fake and allways puts the blame on you

  • lonly bitch
    lonly bitchHari Yang lalu

    Like i have no friends

  • EatingMachine
    EatingMachineHari Yang lalu

    0:04 lol i thought it said magic crazy ignore my trash shit

  • battle 15
    battle 15Hari Yang lalu

    This song describe perfectly sakura's feeling for sasuke

  • Elizabeth
    ElizabethHari Yang lalu

    2021 ay?

  • Gargi Mazumder
    Gargi MazumderHari Yang lalu

    I have many friends but no real