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  • あしゃい
    あしゃい17 jam yang lalu

    Me: I have no friends My dog: Bitch what am I?

    [J3ACKY] METİN217 jam yang lalu

    Cok iyi

  • bang SHOOK army
    bang SHOOK army17 jam yang lalu

    Some one....I m depressed 😔 me....I got my school report card yesterday..I failed in four subjects..I tried my best...I cried like a shit before my result came...because I knew it would be I gave the papers....I failed in math with what and 3 more.. computer studies...islamiat...and father is not talking to me....he dose not understand as he was a a+ grader...he demotivates me💔😔😖

  • Sofia Laureen Obong
    Sofia Laureen Obong17 jam yang lalu

    Not your barbie girl I'm living on my on world I ain't plastic call me classic

  • Aqui Langs
    Aqui Langs18 jam yang lalu

    I should have listen to my friend💔🥺😫😩

  • Saumya Sarvaiya
    Saumya Sarvaiya18 jam yang lalu

    Everyone :- your best friend never forget you , listen to your best friend....,😄😄🤗 While me wondering how many true friends I have ans. No one I JUST WISH I HAD ONE 😭😭😭

    JOHN DEE ALCANTARA18 jam yang lalu

    i only hive 1 friend btw:(

  • Ellianna Serrano
    Ellianna Serrano18 jam yang lalu

    I’m a mixture of an introvert and extrovert and all my friends are fake

  • 3C02 Hoi Ching CHAN
    3C02 Hoi Ching CHAN18 jam yang lalu

    This song got me crazy

  • Sengül Karaman
    Sengül Karaman18 jam yang lalu

    Blend in hnkdk

  • Sengül Karaman
    Sengül Karaman18 jam yang lalu

    Blend in hgndndmvkbkckbl

  • Serena Lorusso
    Serena Lorusso18 jam yang lalu

    Is very beatofool

  • ForTheLOVEOfLemons
    ForTheLOVEOfLemons18 jam yang lalu

    This is so beautiful 🤧

  • Sarah Evelyn
    Sarah Evelyn18 jam yang lalu

    Who’s listening in 2021???

  • Classic Aliha
    Classic Aliha18 jam yang lalu


  • Lourdes Tejerina
    Lourdes Tejerina18 jam yang lalu

    Ok but listen to this song after read "Somebody to love". It hits different, let's cry.

  • Carolyn Childress
    Carolyn Childress19 jam yang lalu

    Can any one see tODoRoKi singing this

  • Lezly Eduarte
    Lezly Eduarte19 jam yang lalu

    maroon 5

  • Beata Kaczmarska
    Beata Kaczmarska19 jam yang lalu

    Jesteśmy ostrożni i boimy się jeśli dobrze się nie znamy. Wtedy mówimy rzeczy nieprawdziwe żeby się ratować. Dzisiaj pewnie już by się nam to nie zdarzyło. Bardzo nie chciałam i nie chcę Cię stracić 🐻

  • Harriet Smith
    Harriet Smith20 jam yang lalu


    MAK HO TIN JAOVEN AQUINO麥浩天20 jam yang lalu

    This man's took hall of fame the next level

  • Soumi Biswas
    Soumi Biswas20 jam yang lalu

    The first line hit me!!!

  • Sarah Malhas
    Sarah Malhas20 jam yang lalu

    NewMelody: Stupid Me: What did I just do.

  • Thi truc lien Thai
    Thi truc lien Thai20 jam yang lalu

    Bài này hay qá à❤☺

  • Luna_101 A. ッ
    Luna_101 A. ッ20 jam yang lalu

    0:34 I'll make this quick ✌✨

  • Baaz kings
    Baaz kings20 jam yang lalu

    *2 minutes silence for those who can't found this song😂*

  • Sonya Start :3
    Sonya Start :320 jam yang lalu

    Я одна сюда пришла чтобы взять эту песню для интро ? 🗿

    TR4THF4LL20 jam yang lalu

    I uhmm didn't know what to type then i just typed "new" and the i found this song 👁👄👁

  • •Itanime gacha [mha]•
    •Itanime gacha [mha]•20 jam yang lalu

    Song:*cry baby* Me:That will be me*the song is so true too me *

  • Julia Al Shoker
    Julia Al Shoker20 jam yang lalu

    i. love it 😍

  • Frank Joy
    Frank Joy20 jam yang lalu


  • P F
    P F20 jam yang lalu

    Is she actually talking about domestic violence in this song ?

  • Nikhil M Warrier
    Nikhil M Warrier21 jam yang lalu

    Pay your introvert tax here: 1 🍪 per head

  • chem_
    chem_21 jam yang lalu

    March 2021 anyone?

  • Yao Yao Xiao
    Yao Yao Xiao21 jam yang lalu

    It's not my fault it's not my fault its not my fault... But why does it feel like it is

  • Lost Kahira
    Lost Kahira21 jam yang lalu

    Obg anitta, por ter recusado essa música!

  • Anshika Tyagi
    Anshika Tyagi21 jam yang lalu

    In love with this song..nd yaah in love with myself as well♥️✨

  • Tobio Kageyama
    Tobio Kageyama21 jam yang lalu

    hear me out: Elizabeth&Meliodas

  • GorlX
    GorlX21 jam yang lalu

    This is my Fav. Song

  • LucidCandyplays
    LucidCandyplays21 jam yang lalu

    I'm here bcuz of Shingeki no kyogin edits. Anyone else?

  • staurilia Games
    staurilia Games21 jam yang lalu

    So pretty and very beatufil ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😄😄😄😄😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😘😚😘😘😚👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍👍✌️👍👍👍✌️✌️

  • Sweetu Patel
    Sweetu Patel21 jam yang lalu

    ❤️❤️ tell me I’m pretty!😞

  • Sandhya Kuikel
    Sandhya Kuikel21 jam yang lalu

    Honestly. I miss you but now I will erase you because that'll hurt less than resenting you- BTS

  • Legend ff
    Legend ff22 jam yang lalu

    Wooohoooooo ❤🌹❤🌹

  • Kai
    Kai22 jam yang lalu

    The song is perfect I just felt I don't need anyone anyway ;(. People just use u and play with your hearts. Don't trust anyone I dare u or just that will brake your heart People who is like me relate 👇

  • Hana Montana
    Hana Montana22 jam yang lalu

    do i pretty?😃

  • Sofia Jawad
    Sofia Jawad22 jam yang lalu

    Let's sing this to our crush

  • Vivaan Jain
    Vivaan Jain22 jam yang lalu

    Who all from March

  • Himari Yua
    Himari Yua22 jam yang lalu

    Who have been listening this on 2021?

  • ArdBossi 1
    ArdBossi 122 jam yang lalu


  • Lavender_donut
    Lavender_donut22 jam yang lalu

    I can relate to this song soo much rn

  • Haobijam Jashoda
    Haobijam Jashoda22 jam yang lalu

    I just love this song ❤I want to listen again and again💘

  • zayed Hasan
    zayed Hasan22 jam yang lalu

    My friend are use me for a day not whole life

  • Mohammed Moham
    Mohammed Moham22 jam yang lalu

    You are pretty that is true

  • Adrianaシ
    Adrianaシ22 jam yang lalu

    me who thing the title of the song is glow up tiktok "wait-👁️👄👁️💣"

  • Diana Chavez
    Diana Chavez23 jam yang lalu

    Why are all the song so good and deep😞 ???? Like you newmelody!!!!!!!

  • Raven Bloodrose
    Raven Bloodrose23 jam yang lalu

    Why does this sound familiar

  • liza divinagracia
    liza divinagracia23 jam yang lalu

    Me: just graduated from Harvard University My friends: SHES A GENIUS Also me: IM A G G G G G G GENIUS IM A G G G G G G GENIUS A G G G G G G GENIUS

  • brady lowery
    brady lowery23 jam yang lalu

    Me. I am a people. And I am finding this for the first time. I am in Love.

  • Tresha Java Abela
    Tresha Java Abela23 jam yang lalu

    "i love you.." "Please don't leave me.."

  • Dark Cofi
    Dark Cofi23 jam yang lalu

    Fu•k yo and comments im blue and shit etc... Enjoy in this song here if yo Can ,iff yo cant GTFO and listen BLUe tards !!! Hope yo can pinn this comment

  • Player PUBG
    Player PUBG23 jam yang lalu


  • Sofia Jawad
    Sofia Jawad23 jam yang lalu

    Why is Ava Max so amaizng!

  • jam yang lalu


  • Isabel Cornejo
    Isabel Cornejo23 jam yang lalu

    Ti Is good 🙂📸🎵🎶🎵

  • NotNow
    NotNowHari Yang lalu

    I am not a genius myself :)

  • addison malfoy
    addison malfoyHari Yang lalu

    Me: u can't touch me there Darco : fuck that *carry me to his drom* Me: AHHHHHHHHHH!

  • H V cookie cream
    H V cookie creamHari Yang lalu

    touches my heart

  • Henny mariana
    Henny marianaHari Yang lalu

    I really like this song because it really makes my heart happy 💗💖❤️💟💕💞::ilove u Zendaya and Zac Efron

  • Tuinee Borbora
    Tuinee BorboraHari Yang lalu

    Go and Look into a mirror🙂you will understand what imma talking about!! 🖤

  • D. B.
    D. B.Hari Yang lalu

    I heard this once and it became my favorite song. and I may or may not have been listening to it all day...

  • Zoha Shabbir
    Zoha ShabbirHari Yang lalu

    There is beauty in everything, just not everyone sees it” -Park Jimin. "forget what hurt you,but never forget what it taught you" -Kim taehyung🍁 “If you want to love other, I think you should love your self first” KIM NAMJOON OF BTS ☘️🍀 In the end they'll judge me anyway so, whatever. - 𝗕𝗧𝗦 𝗦𝗨𝗚𝗔 💜💜

  • This is a name
    This is a nameHari Yang lalu

    Anyone else watching this after it's been a few years? :')

  • Three Malhi Angles
    Three Malhi AnglesHari Yang lalu

    True princess doesn't cry and btw I like it face ur fear guys

  • Camille Joyce F. Prudentino
    Camille Joyce F. PrudentinoHari Yang lalu

    i search this as "oh my girl baby baby dont you see" only for me to know that the title is genius and also for me to know that I'm an idiot myself.Btw english is not my first language 😏

  • 7 B 160369 VEDHA CHEPYALA
    7 B 160369 VEDHA CHEPYALAHari Yang lalu

    Put ur chin up princess , ur crown might fall down Beauty isn’t everything , ppl just say ur ugly cause they don’t have a good taste Blackpink Jennie Kim


    I love this song becos it is most of our reality and what we go through :(

  • Sandra Iveth Lua
    Sandra Iveth LuaHari Yang lalu

    Me: **gets a answers a question correctly** Me in my head: 0:50 0:21 * I need that because that and the chorus is my favorite part* -I need help- 👁👄👁


    Eventhough dogs cant talk to us they are the ones that really talk with us by heart and eyes..Dogs always gives true love and they dont forget us till our last breath..They are BETTER THAN HUMANS...( Also I mean not only dogs..Its all the animals are better than humans)

  • Marceline Abadeer
    Marceline AbadeerHari Yang lalu

    I’m not a trump supporter. Im Not A Trump Supporter. IM NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER SO I HOPW YOU BOOK YOUR TICKETS BACK TO HELL